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Did I Sprain My Ankle?

It’s hard to go through each day when you’re feeling intense pain due to an ankle injury. Ankle problems are common in people who much ankle sprainspend hours on their feet or who play sports for a living. A foot doctor at NYNJ Foot and Ankle Associates in Bronx, NY can help you get rid of the pain and restore your full ankle function.

What Could Cause an Ankle Sprain?
Intense athletic activity or exercise is a common cause of ankle sprains. Turning, jumping, and twisting from side to side puts stress on the ankle—especially when it happens repeatedly. There’s a higher probability of turning the ankle unnaturally, which damages the ankle bone and ligaments. Ankle sprains are also more common in patients who have had ankle injuries in the past and patients who have arthritic conditions.

Possible Signs of a Sprain
Your ankle supports the majority of your body weight when you’re standing or walking, so it needs to be healthy and strong. If your ankle is sprained, you’ll know it by these common symptoms:

  • Throbbing pain around the ankle that may emanate to other parts of the foot.
  • Swelling and redness around the ankle.
  • Dark bruising (may be blue or purple in color).
  • Inability to turn the foot from side to side.
  • Popping sounds when you move your foot.
  • A tendency to limp to prevent putting too much pressure on the foot.

Ankle Sprain Treatments
The one good thing to remember is that a sprain is easier to treat compared to a fracture. Your Bronx, NY foot doctor can help heal your ankle sprain with one or more of the following treatments:

  • Ankle wrapping and compression bandages to support the foot.
  • Icing to reduce swelling.
  • Pain medications to ease discomfort
  • Ligament surgery for serious sprains (more common for athletes).

Relief Is Within Reach
You may have resigned yourself to dealing with the pain of an ankle sprain for the foreseeable future, but a foot doctor can give you much-needed relief. Call (718) 881-7990 today to make time to visit Dr. Barry Finkelstein for an examination and treatment at his Bronx, NY office.

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