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Don't Let Bunion Pain Keep You Off Your Feet

If you have bunions, you are probably no stranger to foot pain. Due to their location, bunions take the body’s full weight with every step, bunionsmaking walking or even standing painful. However, NYNJ Foot and Ankle Associates in Bronx, NY wants you to beat your bunion pain once and for all. Together, you and your podiatrist can find the solution to your pain.

What is a bunion? 
A bunion is a bony growth located where the big toe meets the foot. As a bunion develops, it grows larger, forming a lump on the inside of the foot and forcing the big toe outwards toward the smaller toes. Over time, the toes’ muscles and bones become misaligned, causing deformation, pain and discomfort. Bunions may become irritated or swollen due to wearing shoes which rub the growth. Women are more prone to bunions than men, probably due to the correlation between narrow, pointed and high-heeled shoes and bunion development.

How are bunions treated? 
Depending on the severity of the bunion, treatment varies. In mild cases, treatment may be as simple as changing the type of shoes you wear. Try to avoid shoes which are narrow or tight. Wear shoes which have ample room in the toe box to accommodate your foot without irritating or rubbing the bunion. Over-the-counter medications and icing the foot help relieve pain and swelling. In severe cases of bunions, your Bronx podiatrist may recommend bunion surgery. This surgery removes the bunion itself and realigns the bones and connective tissues in the foot into a normal position.

How can my podiatrist help? 
Assuming your bunion is in the early stages, your podiatrist will probably want to monitor it so it does not need surgery in the future. In this case, yearly foot examinations at your doctor’s office help to prevent bunion growth and ensure that there are no other issues with your feet in general. After diagnosing your condition, your doctor will work with you to determine which plan of action is best for your situation.

For more information on bunion pain and treatment, please contact Dr. Barry Finkelstein at NYNJ Foot and Ankle Associates in Bronx, NY. Call (718) 881-7990 to schedule your foot examination today!

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