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Find Relief From Your Heel Pain

Have you been struggling with heel pain? Here at NYNJ Foot and Ankle Associates in Bronx, NY, your foot doctor, Dr. Barry Finkelstein, can help you find relief and receive a proper diagnosis for your podiatric issues.

What Causes a Painful Heel?

Your plantar fascia serves as a shock absorber, which is why repetitive stress and uneven weight distribution can induce irritation, inflammation, and stiffness. You may notice increased pain when stepping out of bed in the morning or after sitting for long periods. The most common cause of heel pain often relates to faulty foot structure, such as flat feet, or overly high arches. However, it can also result from obesity, overuse, sprains, heel spurs, and wearing non-supportive footwear.

Can I Prevent Heel Pain?

Not all cases of heel pain are preventable, but fortunately, most are. To avoid injury to the heel, make sure to stretch before exercising, walking, and especially running. You should also wear shoes that adequately support the foot during these physical activities. Your feet will also benefit from a healthy diet as well as a healthy weight, so unnecessary stress isn't placed on the ligaments.

Find Relief From Your Heel Pain

Here at our Bronx office, our foot doctor utilizes safe, effective, and minimally invasive radiofrequency treatments to alleviate severe or chronic symptoms. For mild-to-moderate pain, after performing a physical foot examination during your initial visit, we may recommend limiting activities to give your heel a rest, as well as over-the-counter anti-inflammatory medications and custom orthotic devices that fit into your shoes.

For more information about heel pain, conditions we treat, and services provided, visit our website. To schedule an appointment with NYNJ Foot and Ankle Associates in the Bronx, please call (718) 881-7990.

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