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Treating Warts

Are you suffering from foot warts? While you may not necessarily be aware of it, nearly everyone will have a plantar wart (or several) at Wartsome point in their lives, although some of these countless cases are much harder to alleviate than others. Led by Dr. Barry Finkelstein, NYNJ Foot and Ankle Associates (located in Bronx, NY) offers breakthrough treatments for foot warts—read on to learn about some common treatment options!

1. Salicylic Acid: Available in tape, patch, plaster, and cream forms, salicylic acid is a versatile foot wart treatment. The acid peels the skin away in layers, thus removing the foot warts over the course of several weeks.

2. Cantharidin: Your doctor may also use cantharidin to treat your warts. With this treatment, your podiatrist “paints” the chemical onto the problem areas before covering them in bandages. If your plantar warts are not gone after a single treatment, your podiatrist may suggest an additional application.

3. Cryotherapy: Implementing the use of liquid nitrogen, cryotherapy aims to freeze warts off of your skin. Applied with a cotton swab or probe, the liquid nitrogen causes a blister to form around and under your foot warts, allowing for quick and easy removal.

4. Electrosurgery: Your doctor may recommend electrosurgery if your warts haven't responded to non-surgical treatments. In this treatment, your podiatrist uses a specialized electric needle to physically remove your foot wart. To ensure that the procedure causes no discomfort, you will receive a shot of local anesthetic before it begins. Electrosurgery is one of the most effective approaches in removing plantar warts.


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