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Which Bunion Treatment Is Right for Me?

A bunion is a common foot deformity that affects the function and alignment of the big toe’s joint, and it’s one of the most common problems that our Bronx, NY, podiatrist Dr. Barry Finkelstein treats. Do you feel like every time you put your feet into shoes that your bunion causes you pain and discomfort? If so, it might be enough for you to decide that it’s time to do something about your bunion. Read on to learn how Dr. Finkelstein can help your foot issues.

Treating a Bunion without Surgery

Most people can manage their symptoms and even prevent pain without ever needing bunion surgery. The sooner a bunion is caught the sooner you can start implementing useful habits into your daily routine to reduce bunion problems.

Some nonsurgical treatment options include:

Wearing Proper Footwear

While you can’t reverse a bunion, you can prevent it from getting worse. To avoid putting pressure on the bunion, wear shoes that are properly fitted to your foot and have a wide toe box Also, avoid any heels that are over 2 inches tall.

Splinting or Bracing

Talk to your Bronx, NY, foot specialist about whether you could benefit from splinting the bunion. There are certain over-the-counter spacers that can help realign the joint and reduce pain and pressure, particularly while you sleep. While these devices won’t correct the deformity they can reduce pain in the morning.

Applying a Bunion Pad

To protect a bunion while wearing shoes, you may choose to apply a non-medicated pad over the area. This can also prevent unnecessary friction when walking in shoes and prevent the formation of a callus. You can easily find these bunion pads at your local drugstore.

When to Consider Surgery

Surgery is only necessary if you are dealing with severe, debilitating symptoms that aren’t responding to at-home care and affect your daily routine. If you feel that your bunion needs extra attention, call our Bronx office today.

Need Relief? Give Us a Call

Dealing with bunion pain? Turn to the team at NYNJ Foot and Ankle Associates in Bronx, NY, to find out how to best treat your bunion symptoms. Our number is (718) 881-7990.

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